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The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) and its members have been working tirelessly to Save Our Lake and to Save Our Coast for over 20 years.

There have been great accomplishments within those years.  However, the work to renew and sustain the Pontchartrain Basin is ongoing and the support of our members, like you, is critical.  Please show your commitment to Our Lake and Our Coast by becoming a member of LPBF today.

Your membership is a gift that will help the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation ensure that:

  • The Pontchartrain Basin remains swimmable and fishable through our water quality monitoring program.
  • Our wetlands are protected and restored through our habitat program.
  • Our coast and our communities become sustainable through the science provided by our coastal program.
  • Legislative victories like the MRGO closure continue.
  • Thousands of people, each year, are informed of issues concerning Our Lake and Our Coast through our educational programs.

Please join in the efforts to Save Our Lake and Save Our Coast by choosing one of the options below, or by filling out this membership application and mailing it in to our office. Also, Gift Memberships are available for your family and friends.

Automatic Monthly Gift

Thank you for subscribing to LPBF's automatic monthly draft. You can use your credit card or debit card To choose a specific draft date, gift amount or to cancel your subscription, please call (504) 836-2215.