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Staff Directory and Contact

New Canal Lighthouse Museum & Education Center

Light-House-IMG_60118001 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70124

Pontchartrain Beach Office - Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

Mailing Address         (Please send all correspondence to this address)

P.O. Box 6965
Metairie, LA 70009





Water Quality Department

Dr. Brady Skaggs

William Pestoff

Ronny Carter

John O’Donnell

Justin Sumner

Water Quality Program Director

Water Quality Coordinator

Wastewater Specialist

Water Monitoring Assistant

Home Systems Inspector

Coastal Sustainability Program

Dr. John Lopez

Dr. Theryn Henkel

Felix Cretini

Dr. Patrick Smith

Dr. Michael Hopkins


Coastal Sustainability Program Manager

Coastal Sustainability Asst. Manager

GIS Coastal Scientist

Coastal Scientist -Fisheries

GIS Coastal Scientist

Education, Development, Membership, and Events

Joann Haydel

Anne Barrett

Nancy Regan

Kate Wilson

Dwight Williams

Kate Tannian

Ethan Young

Outreach Education Director

Outreach Education Specialist

Development Coordinator

Membership and Event Coordinator

Public Access Director

Lighthouse Visitor & Gift Shop Manager

Lighthouse Assistant



Kristi Trail

Frank Martinez

Tanya Vidal

Phillip Hutchins

 Gretchen Bonfert

Executive Director

Human Resource Director

Business/Program & Grants Manager

Accounting Assistant

Grant Writer