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Water Quality Programs & Projects

WmAP 2 Recreational Water Monitoring Program

To document the Lake’s water quality and encourage people to return to the lake, LPBF started the “Basin-wide Water Quality Monitoring Program” in 2001. In this program we perform weekly water quality monitoring at ten recreational sites around Lake Pontchartrain.

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WmAP 4 Assistance to Home and Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plants

While wastewater is not a glamorous topic, it is the main reason that rivers in the Pontchartrain Basin and Lake Pontchartrain itself became polluted.

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WmAP 3 Sub – Basin Pollution Source Tracking Program

To clean the rivers and streams in the Pontchartrain Basin (particularly those of the lake), LPBF began the Sub-Basin Pollution Source Tracking Program in 2002 to track down and clean up fecal pollution sources. In this program we combine water quality monitoring, assistance to home and commercial wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), and public outreach/education.

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WmAP 5 Pontilly Storm Water Project- Green Infrastructure Monitoring

As the majority of New Orleans lies below sea level, the drainage system relies on pumping stormwater into drainage canals and directly into Lake Pontchartrain. Contaminated rainwater runoff can have a major impact on the lake’s water quality. LPBF has partnered with the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans, NORA, LUSC, and Dana Brown and Associates to monitor rainwater in the "Pontilly" Neighborhood before and after installation of green infrastructure designed to treat stormwater before it drains into the lake.

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